Useful Links

For anyone who has questions about Christianity and what it means in our lives, we recommend the websites listed below.  Please Contact Us if you have further queries.



This web site is a great place to start out if you wish to query more about God, Jesus, the Bible or Theology.

Over 360,000 questions are answered here. An example: What does it mean to believe in Jesus?




This site is managed by UCB (United Christian Broadcasters) and provides Q&As in a multi-media format. 



So what exactly is Christianity? What do Christians believe? Can we know answers to some of the big questions in life such as: ... is there a God? ... what happens when I die? ... aren't all religions the same?

Our WHBC Christianity Explored course aims to answer these and other questions from the greatest book in the world, the Bible.  It comprises a short series of informal sessions designed to introduce enquirers to the basic teachings of God's word and how its truth can change our lives.  Please Contact Us if you would like to be involved.