Men's Breakfasts

We regularly organise a Saturday morning breakfast for men.

Breakfast plateThis is not simply a croissant and all that Continental stuff; - no, this is a real breakfast, involving frying pans, grills and fat.  It is always very tasty and enjoyable.

After this strenuous exercise of the gastric juices comes a short and direct talk from the Bible.  This is invariably a personal challenge from a man to men, concerning God’s claims and perfect provision for us, which demands a response.

Following this mental and spiritual exercise, we then move on to the final phase - physical exercise!  This can involve various levels of exertion from standing up and squeezing the trigger of a shot gun, or walking 10 miles over a hill or two, or dressing up and crawling around in dirt and shooting paint balls at each other.  We occasionally shoot arrows, or roll indoor bowls too.Men eating breakfast

So all you fellows out there, you are very welcome to what is always a very popular and well-attended event.  The only charge we make is for the external activity, and only if we have to pay the providers.

It would be great to see you any time.  Look out for advertisements on this website or simply contact us for details about the next breakfast.