Our Deacons

We currently have seven Deacons who undertake a variety of church responsibilities. All are dedicated Christians and will happily give you their testimony if you ask them!  Our Deacons are:

(photos to be supplied)

Tony Baskerville:  Tony's primary role is that of 'fabric deacon' responsible for maintenance, repairs etc. of the church building.  This is a job full of surprises, and it sometimes seems that anyone is never more than 3 feet away from something that needs doing!  Tony is also part of the sound team, responsible for setting up and operation of the church audio equipment, and is happy to help out in any other practical way.  He is married to Sarah, and together they run their family farm. 

Tom Clowes:  Text to be supplied.

Steve Foxall:  Our Church treasurer, is a financial sector professional and therefore keeps our accounts running on straight and narrow guidelines!  Steve also preaches occasionally.

Ross Mackenzie:  Is responsible for the overall organisation of our church's evangelistic outreach ministries.  This includes involvement in the hosting and leading of our Christianity Explored courses and assisting in our monthly Open Air Outreach ministry.  Ross also preaches occasionally. His wife, Maggie, organises our Community Lunches and helps coordinate our group of church musicians.

Rhidian Phillips:  Has primary focus on organising and running our YP (Young People's Group) activities and ministering to their various needs.  His wife, Bev, is also actively involved in the YP leadership and Sunday School teaching.

John Roberts:  Our church secretary - a much underestimated role considering all of the time and commitment that is necessary to fulfill its requirements!  John and his wife Janet also get involved pastorally with many of the older folks in our church simply by keeping in touch and building relationships with them.  They are regularly involved in our Wednesday Fellowship.

John Sourbutts:  Performs a leadership role in our Wheelers ministry and together with his wife, Lynette, gets involved in a variety of our other church works including the organisation of Sunday School and creche.  Lynette is also involved in our YP (Young People's Group).