Our Aim

We are a mission  minded church.  That is, our aim is to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to all who want to hear about who He is, what He has done (and is continuing to do!), and how a relationship with Him can change each one of us individually.

We wish to be identified within our local South Cheshire area of England and beyond as being a community of loving, Christian believers, living together in-line with Biblical, New Testament principles, and following Jesus' teaching.

Our goal is to fulfil Jesus' requirements for His Church as outlined in a sermon by one of our Elders, The Vision of God for His Church.

We believe an essential element of this aim is to provide "help and hope" to those in our local area, our country and worldwide.

"Mission must not be bolted onto a church's programme but be managed as the primary purpose of the Church of Jesus Christ"  Stuart Murray Williams